30 Day Music Challenge: Day 9: Plone - Plaything


Day 9: Song that makes you happy

Plone: Plaything

Okay, not so much a song as it has no vocals, but still, I always found it pretty cheerful and playful. First track I heard by plone and the one that got me into appreciating them. From towards the end of the days when friends shared 'tapes' with each other, I was given a tape with this track on it by friend that had the online handle of 'Confused Monkeyboy' back in those days. Have long since lost contact.

I later got a CD of Plone's excellent "For Beginner Piano", but sadly this track wasn't on it. Still a good album though.

This is a pretty chill version of happiness. For a more excited interpretation of happiness, I'd probably go with Roam by the B52s.


Okay, you get that as a bonus. ;)

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This challenge is a bit of fun, and not a contest. The idea is we find out about each others musical tastes, maybe learn some new tunes, and a little more about each other. To take part, start at Day 1 and post each day with a new tune, along with the meme image. Include the tags #music-challenge and #music and whatever other tags you feel appropriate to your post.

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