30 Day Music Challenge: Day 4: Psychic TV: Suspicious


Day 4: Song that reminds me of someone I'd rather forget

Psychic TV: Suspicious

This theme has been the hardest so far, since whilst I had aquaintance and even friendships with some arseholes in my life, I wouldn't want to forget them, as it would imply forgetting important life lessons learned.

Instead, my interpretation of this theme takes on a more poetic nature, and my chosen muse, Lady Jaye Breyer P-Orridge. I don't really want to forget her, but my memory of our meeting, a brief interaction in space time, haunts me even today. You see, our meeting took place in a PTV3 gig in Bristol, UK on the 17th September 2007. Due to a cock up of the tour manager, the gig was badly advertised, and I was one of about 12 fans in what turned out to be a really intimate performance. During the song 'Suspicious', Genesis, Lady Jayes partner, invited me to sit on the edge of the stage.

I don't remember exactly when the moment of brief interaction happened. Was it in a break or after the gig? I can't remember that detail. All I knew was that I was heading for the toilet, when I happened to pass Lady Jaye coming the other way. Our eyes met, and I smiled and slowed down slightly. She smiled in return, also slowing down and my heart skipped a beat. Then we continued on our way.

Three weeks later, on Oct 9 2007, she died of stomach cancer, aged 38.

My memory of our interaction so close to her death haunts me to this day. But in truth I wouldn't really want to forget.

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