19 celebrities that have a double that will make you laugh

These are some similar, found among some famous and images found on the internet. 

The similarities are so perfect that you can not deny. 

  • Catman or Batman

  • Vincent Van Gogh or Chuck Norris 

  •  Rocky. 

  •  Scream. 

  •   Hitler. 

  •  Walter White or Ned Flanders. 

  • Oh my god! is Cartman

  •  Eugene Levy with or without lenses

  •  Milhouse or Woody Allen. 

  •  Donald Trump. 

  • Someone realized that Einstein was his grandfather.

  •  Mr. T 

  • Chewbacca as a pet.

  • Leonardo DiCaprio is the lost son of Jack Nicholson.

  • Michael Jackson actually lived with the ancient Egyptians.

  •  Vladimir Putin. 

  •  Madonna.  

  •  Justin Bieber or Peter Pan 

  • Taylor Lautner

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