❤️ My Steemit Crush is... @TEAMSTEEM! (Watch Dtube video inside) ❤️


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(Click on image above to see Dtube video)

Hi friends! Today, I will be participating in @ramengirl's contest, celebrating her 3000 followers! She will be hosting a "Steemit Crush" contest. Basically, you have to announce to the world on BLOCKCHAIN who your Steemit Crush is (dun dun dun... no take backs as it will be forever on blockchain). Be sure to watch my Dtube video to see why I picked @teamsteem as my Steemit Crush. If you don't know @teamsteem already, you are totally missing out. @teamsteem is a goof ball, and I just love him to death!

If you want to get an idea of his personality, I think these photos will best explain to you who he is...

As a young child, he was quite normal and cute.


He even played dress up with his sister! Doesn't @teamsteem look beautiful here?
teamsteem sister.jpg

As he got older, he got mixed in with the wrong crowd. He became a hardcore disco GANSTA!



Then he found Steemit, and it saved his life. Steemit took him off the streets. And now he is a Witness! It's like a fairy tail happy ending!

So, if you don't know @teamsteem, I encourage you to check him out! He is a hilarious human being with an amazing personality. Oh and don't forget, to vote him as a witness! Click here to add him!


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