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I don't like what I'm about to do here; this is not something I normally do. But these are not normal times I guess... I'm going to react to a video one of my readers on Steemit posted in reaction to my latest post on Trump's lunacy, Tweety And Disaster.

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I started typing a response, looked up at the clock, and decided to make it a post of its own; I fully admit to having mixed motivations to do this, but I assure you that part of it is that this is important in my eyes. Part of it is also that I'm angry. Not so much about the blatant racism echoing through some of the online discourse, but about the ignorance and stupidity that lies behind the racism. And sometimes the sheer malevolence behind it.

So the response I got was just this video by Steven Crowder, and nothing more; the video is linked below this post for you all to enjoy. Right of the bat, it doesn't speak for you if you don't speak for yourself, and rather let someone else do the speaking for you. That makes it look like you can't form an opinion of your own by taking into account multiple perspectives and combining them with your own world-view. No one person 100% agrees with any other person in the universe on any topic involving human beings and their interactions. None. That's exactly the only truly unique thing in the entire universe; your personal perspective on that universe. No one exactly shares your world-view. A video with some personal commentary might work, but letting Crowder be representative of your own personal opinion is, well, ill informed. Without such commentary I'm to assume that Crowder speaks for you, so I'll react to Crowder's video from now on.

I'll first help him with some basic language, the meaning of words; genocide: the deliberate and systematic destruction, in whole or in part, of an ethnic, racial, religious or national group. What Crowder is trying to make us believe here is that the genocide of the native Americans wasn't genocide at all, because not ALL of them were killed, and we, whites, have even made children with them... He even goes on to compare this situation with The Holocaust; I can't imagine that anyone can listen to this without actually feeling their brain-cells die at a fast rate...

When have you met a racist that advertises the fact they're a racist? Why did KKK members wear these ugly pointy MASKS? Yeah yeah, Crowder would respond with pointing to Antifa members also wearing masks, thereby committing the same fallacy as Trump so often has done; he equates the fascists to the ones fighting against fascism. Trump said about the tragic events at the Charlottesville protest that there were "very fine people on both sides," committing the logical fallacy of a false equivalence. They've been taught this by watching too much television, where the profit-margin demands sparkling debate. For example, the opinions of creationists are put on the same level as the opinions of evolutionists; these opinions are NOT equal in validity, I hope that one day Crowder will understand this.

To preface the next point, here's the verbatim of Trump's famous Presidential Announcement Speech:

When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you. They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.

Crowder claims that Trump never said that ALL Mexicans are rapists. Crowder claims that Trump has said, on numerous occasions no less, that he likes and respects Mexicans and Latin-Americans in general. Crowder claims that this is proof positive that Trump is no racist at all. He goes further even, and claims that the "leftist media" demonize Trump when they keep repeating that Trump said that ALL Mexicans are murderers and rapists... Now read that quote again. "And some, I assume, are good people." When you say that they are rapists, but some of them are good people, you've made a racist statement. And Trump does this time after time after time. Crowder doesn't get that. Trump doesn't get that. Their followers and defenders don't get that. What am I to make of this? You tell me...

A racist will typically never admit to, or even be aware of his or her racism. They'll say things like: "Some of my best friends are immigrants," or "my sister is married to an immigrant," or even "I myself am an immigrant," and therefore I could never be racist. They'll say things like: "They're not less than us, they're just different." And then go on to say something even more stupid like: "Black people are, on average, better at sports. And I love sports! So I'm not racist when I claim that white people have, on average of course, a higher IQ than black people. Here's the study that proves me right! And talking about IQ, Asian people have a higher IQ than white people; am I racist when I say that? Or am I just being realistic, like a race-realist?"

Well, you're racist of course. Without addressing the environmental reasons for these differences, like abject poverty, or state-run universities, or the fact that Asian immigrants are generally from well-off families that enjoyed high education, or deliberate historical and current policies that might have resulted in an uneven playing-field, you're assigning race, and race alone, as the cause for these differences, which paints you a racist, no matter how often you call it "race-realism" or some other creative euphemism. Crowder has made all these points in several of his videos; I really can't understand anyone who would listen to this man for any information or advice on ANYTHING, and take it seriously.

Watch the video again; he's sitting there LAUGHING and JOKING about the genocide of the native Americans, while rationalizing that this is how history works; when an inferior culture meets with a superior one, the first either adjusts and submits to the will of the latter, or they get crushed. "Don't worry about it! Genocide is just this thing that happens between well-meaning peoples in history. It is what it is bro!" He unwittingly makes another fallacious argument known as an appeal to tradition. He's saying that "this is right because we've always done it this way." What makes this even worse, and speaks even louder than Crowder to the malevolent intent of Crowder's video, is that there are also GOOD arguments to make against Spike Lee's performance in the video that Crowder critiques. The video that Crowder makes baseless fun about, I should say, as I'm afraid that any serious "critique" on these matters is a bridge too far for the likes of this loud-mouth Crowder... For the sake of me not becoming inflammatory, I'll leave it here, and give this whole topic a rest for a while; you have the last word.

DEBUNKED: Spike Lee's Anti-Trump Slavery Lies! | Louder With Crowder

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