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Mexican Wall


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The U.S. is being "invaded" by immigrants, legal and illegal alike, and mostly from the south. Inner cities are being "swarmed" by low IQ and criminal blacks, Hispanics and Muslims who band together in their own ghetto's. It's from these ghetto's that real Americans are "under siege" by the violent crimes these foreigners bring with them.

mexico_us border_ urbandemographics_small.jpg
source: Urban Demographics

And what's more: their birthrates are so high compared to the original white population of Western European descent, that they threaten to become the majority and Americans will forfeit their culture. That's what you get from not respecting your own borders; without borders there's no country so we should start respecting those borders. Maybe a wall will show those pesky Mexicans they're not welcome anymore. America doesn't need those murderers and rapists, clearly; all studies show that crime-rates go up significantly with rising numbers of immigrants. Just look at the news, look at movies; in real life and in fiction that's ultimately based on real life the picture is clear, and most criminals are not white. Americans and Europeans need to take their countries back. And in America we begin at our southern border by building a beautiful wall.

... I really need help here ... I've over the last couple of days attempted to look inside the minds of far right followers of far right YouTube channels. A good part of the time I spent listening to debates between a Twitch streamer and YouTube host who goes by the name of Destiny; he describes himself (and I tend to agree after listening to him communicating his opinions on many political and economical issues) as left of center, believer in free markets, progressive and liberal. Now, I must say I don't agree with everything he says, but I admire him for his willingness to debate some far right... well... racists and white nationalists.

Destiny introduced me to white supremacist Nick Fuentes and their 3 hour long debate on immigration was the last debate of this kind I could suffer through. The "arguments" I used in the introduction of this post are some of the most used and widespread among these often young people who seem desperate to find a scapegoat to put the blame on for their lack of a bright future to look forward to. Part of what makes this so difficult is that their future is indeed not pleasant looking at all; up until my parent's generation, parents could look their children in the eye and say with genuine certainty that their lifes will be better than the lifes of those parents. Up until the 1970s wages grew with profits, and after that the general population started borrowing to keep that trend intact. That bubble has popped now, at least partially; the big bang is yet to come.

But I was really taken by surprise to hear people talk so racist and really mean it too. A wall... Never mind that the vast majority of illegal immigrants are the ones that simply overstay their visa... Never mind that almost all international studies point out the immigration has a net positive effect on the economy. Never mind that crime-rates are lower, not higher, among immigrants than among the indigenous population, even among the illegal ones. Never mind that Americans are ALL immigrants, it isn't called "the land of opportunity" without reason. And never mind that one third of America's land was won or bought from Mexico, a country that as recently as 1835 was on America's western border. Texas, Arizona, California, New Mexico, Utah, Nevada and Western Colorado; that was all called "Mexico" once. The Texas Revolution from 1835 - 1836 resulted in the recognition of the Republic of Texas by Mexico in 1836. The Mexican American war from 1846 - 1848 resulted in the Treaty of Guadeloupe Hidalgo, by which Mexico ceded the territory of all the other states mentioned before.

The counties with the highest concentration of Mexicans (as defined by ethnicity, rather than citizenship) overlap closely with the area that belonged to Mexico before the great gringo land-grab of 1848. Some are recent arrivals; others trace their roots to long before the map was redrawn. They didn’t jump the border—it jumped them.
source: The Economist

Maybe the Mexicans should have built their own wall back in 1835... See how ridiculous that is? How little a line on a map really means? How that line is important to the rulers of those countries, not the peoples of those countries? Peoples don't go to war, their leaders do, and those leaders always have to lie, have to dehumanize the people ruled by the leader they want to steal something from, usually land or resources. I can't in good faith recommend you watch the video, but I still recommend you watch the video, dear reader, even if it's a 3 hour slug-fest... I don't believe in God, but I still think it's important to have some knowledge of The Bible for lots of good reasons. Since racism is becoming popular again, or so it seems at least, I think it's important to try to understand where that comes from and really take a look at the arguments. None of them hold up though and it's so easy to see why. In this debate each and every point made by Fuentes is proven wrong by Destiny, but there's no reasoning with the white supremacist, even if he himself has a Mexican family name and is a fourth-generation immigrant himself. If you listen to the whole thing, Fuentes' arguments can be summarized as: "America was white and racist when it was founded and we should go back to that time." Really... this is beyond me...

Debating Immigration with Nick Fuentes

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