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Archipelago Of Zeus And Apollo

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Also known as Hawaii. I'm sorry, but I know Hawaii mostly as the island where one my favorite television heroes from my teenage years took place. The series also had regular appearances by my favorite dogs, Zeus and Apollo, who often chased after the Hero, Thomas Magnum.

Image by BKD - source: Pixabay

The series ran in the 1980s and was very popular, as was the main star, Tom Selleck. I also remember a movie I saw in those years, called The Dobermann Gang, in which a couple of thieves train a "gang" of six doberman pinschers to commit a bank robbery... I know, it's far fetched, but since that movie this dog was my absolute favorite, and Zeus and Apollo added to that admiration. It's crazy, but the Magnum series embodies everything a lot of people know about the American state of Hawaii. That goes for me too; I only recently, maybe a year ago, became interested in knowing a bit more about the beautiful islands where Magnum P.I. took place and from where the world famous greeting "aloha" originates. We all know it, we all know it's an American state, we all know about Pearl Harbor, but what do we know about its history? Well, "nothing" was the answer for me until a year ago.

Hawaii's history is fascinating, starting with the fact that it's part of the Polynesian Triangle which also includes Easter Island and New Zealand. Knowing this, it might be a bit less surprising that New Zealanders regard themselves quite separate from Australia, and proudly use the nickname kiwi to identify themselves. It also explains the great similarities between the native languages of the three archipelagos. What's also surprising is that Hawaii, contrary to so many other annexed nations and peoples, wasn't conquered in the classical sense. It would be more realistic to say that the leadership willingly identified with Great Britain when Hawaii was a Kingdom, and it voluntarily sold most of its land to western elites, and only a small percentage to its indigenous people.

Watch the 20 minute video to learn a lot about this beautiful archipelago in a short time, from the first settlers to the eventual annexation by the U.S. and the drama at Pearl Harbor to the present day. It not only gave us "aloha" and hula skirts, but also Dole pineapples, it was where Obama was educated and, for me, the home of the majestic dobermann pair of Zeus and Apollo...

Overthrowing a Kingdom | Hawaii

source: Wikipedia

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