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The international break is over - My betting plans for league football


7 months ago2 min read

The international break is over and league football will resume. I am happy. I made some profits with this international break. I jumped on some overpriced odds to make some cool profits. The goals option gave me some decent profit. It did not come easy as there were scares like in the Sweden vs Spain match where Spain goal came late.


I also lost a single bet and an accumulator. I was expecting the Finland vs Armenia match to end with goals at both sides and over 2.5 goals. I played both tickets as singles and Armenia couldn’t get a goal. I never let it get to me as my four other tickets won yesterday. The lack of comprehensive stats for international matches is one turn off for me and I don’t always bet during the breaks. Well, I found some decent odds and I feel I should give it a try. It worked and I earned.
League football is back and that’s lot of matches to stake on.

I am currently experimenting a new option which is the cards option. The odds are always great at around 1.31 to 1.4 and as high as 1.55 for over 2.5 bookings. Yellow card is a booking while red card is 2 bookings. I look at the officiating referee statistics and then the teams involved. Mike Dean is one lover of cards and he won’t hesitate to issue one for the slightest of tackles.

You need to look at the match too. Is it going to be a one-sided match or chances at both sides? Do we have a Granit Xhaka or a Ashley Young that is 90% sure of getting a yellow card. Those are what you put into consideration.


I am doing pretty good with the bookings market so far. I won couple of accumulators and single bets. I lost just 2 singles ever since I started playing it. It’s a good option when you get the stats right. It involves many parameters though with the referee mood a very very vital aspect.

I will be combining the normal goals/btts options with the bookings options and pray for more greens.

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