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memory in love


11 months agoBusy

Hello all...


There is always a story when the rain comes, a happy memory with you.

Sometimes as hard as I can try to forget you, but the memory sheet always reminds me of you.

Memories remain but don't focus there. Life is not for memories but for the future.

Life is not always beautiful but the beautiful one stays alive in memories.


Something might end, but the memory of that will always live.

The past came to remind me, but not to make me a form of it.

As time goes by, the beautiful memories that you try to save deeply will be forgotten by the presence of new people later.

All the wonderful memories I have ever got while with you, I will always remember until I forget.


And now a farewell we have to live for happiness, remembering a memory that we have intertwined together.

Because a life must have separation and meeting.



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