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MONSTER MARKET : A Discord Steem Monsters Market Bot


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Monster Market is a Discord Bot which can interact with the SM market. From where users can buy different cards that are available in the markets. This bot has been build on the basis of users' convenience, which charges 2% less than other markets!

Purchase a Card:

Step 1: Go to #monster-market

Step 2: To check the cards available in the market, make the command !list

Step 3: Select the number of card you want to buy then space 1 for Gold or 0 for non-gold again space edition (0 for Alpha, 1 for beta, 2 for promo, 3 for reward). After that bot will show the top 10 cards with the lowest price.

Example: !buy 60 0 1(make changes according to your needs).

Step 4: Then select serial numbers of the card wanna buy, write them using a space among them. At a time user can buy maximum 10 cards. The bot will give you Steem and SBD both steemconnect link to pay.

Example: 1

You can also add individual card id after the edition code to buy specific card

e.g. !buy 71 0 1 C1-71-2GUP5YLMCG

Step 5: !verify with code for confirmation.

The purchase is Done! Cards will automatically add to the user's account.

Zaku MM.jpeg

Thanks @ayasha-art for this amazing comic art

Happy Purchase



Monster Market providing you the service to beta pack by giving a command.


Example: !pack zaku 5 SBD


Check your SM balance:

!balance <player>

Example: !balance zaku


Monster bot's buy-sell statistics are from the beginning:

@codebull360.628 SBD, 311.238 STEEM32.796 SBD, 37.135 STEEM
@mango-juice58.612 SBD, 421.076 STEEM1.171 SBD, 8.649 STEEM
@akomoajong1.433 SBD, 0.000 STEEM0.029 SBD, 0.000 STEEM
@bala412881.192 SBD, 0.000 STEEM0.024 SBD, 0.000 STEEM
@priyanarc52.653 SBD, 42.607 STEEM1.009 SBD, 0.851 STEEM
@sheikhsayem80.965 SBD, 259.429 STEEM1.620 SBD, 9.253 STEEM
@mhossain105.029 SBD, 235.788 STEEM2.536 SBD, 6.845 STEEM
@sourovafrin33.977 SBD, 20.986 STEEM0.602 SBD, 0.424 STEEM
@hossainbd10.040 SBD, 58.319 STEEM0.207 SBD, 1.166 STEEM
@sugar-cube14.528 SBD, 188.595 STEEM0.902 SBD, 3.798 STEEM
@eftikhan10.927 SBD, 0.000 STEEM0.262 SBD, 0.000 STEEM
@svirus0.059 SBD, 0.332 STEEM0.000 SBD, 0.007 STEEM
@snipr5.006 SBD, 14.644 STEEM0.100 SBD, 0.293 STEEM
@zaku357.055 SBD, 1031.177 STEEM26.411 SBD, 33.255 STEEM
@blind-spot79.719 SBD, 9.835 STEEM1.603 SBD, 0.422 STEEM
@rehan1234.816 SBD, 0.000 STEEM0.983 SBD, 0.000 STEEM
@mrcheisen0.000 SBD, 2.553 STEEM0.000 SBD, 1.812 STEEM
@ayasha1.548 SBD, 28.194 STEEM0.436 SBD, 1.153 STEEM
@xawi63.263 SBD, 99.839 STEEM1.273 SBD, 1.997 STEEM
@azizbd0.000 SBD, 84.385 STEEM0.000 SBD, 1.687 STEEM
@steemitbd0.000 SBD, 0.937 STEEM0.000 SBD, 0.937 STEEM
@mmrich0.000 SBD, 1.064 STEEM0.000 SBD, 1.064 STEEM
@linco5.169 SBD, 0.000 STEEM0.106 SBD, 0.000 STEEM
@ifeoluwa880.000 SBD, 5.633 STEEM0.000 SBD, 0.113 STEEM

If you have any suggestions or if any inconveniences happen, feel free to ask the developer reazuliqbal#1149.

@bdcommunity is an initiative on the steem blockchain trying to help all Bangladeshi standard authors and share their work and knowledge, to improve their skills. We curate grade contents to encourage hard-work and support originality. We are also arranging contest among Bangladeshi steemians and rewarding selected quality work. We also feature important updates from Steem Inc. and witnesses.
We believe an organized and effective communication within the community can determine the success. So we build up the communication on our Discord server and happy to show off our various features of the bot. On there you just need to pass command for check out your account information, balance, market rate and also you can exchange coin, buy upvote, transfer balance through the registration of bdexchange.



50-50_test2.png 50-50_test1.png

Hopefully, our community program will make a significant contribution!
Love from Bangladesh!!


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