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Moroccan tradition: The Ahwach dance


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Morocco has more than 12 million Berbers. Berber culture is therefore firmly anchored in Moroccan culture and heritage. Discover, for example, Ahwach, a Berber, collective and traditional dance. Remember to rent a car to discover the villages and Berber traditions during your stay in the kingdom.

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The ahwash (or ahwash) is a Berber dance, widespread in the High Atlas and the Anti-Atlas. Practiced during celebrations (such as weddings for example), this dance varies from region to region and from tribe to tribe, while keeping the same foundations. This collective dance takes place at the rhythm of a traditional song: tawala, orchestrated by a soloist.

The ahwach dance is divided into three parts. Initially, a group of men stand in front of a group of women. This first part of the dance is called imsaq. During this one, the soloist interprets a dialogue song. The imsaq is followed by tawala before ending with a derst. During this last part, the dance is improvised between men and women.

The ahwach is a joyful and friendly dance. She is a beautiful demonstration of Berber traditions in Morocco. You may be able to attend one of these celebrations during your stay but for this, you will have to go to the small villages of the High Atlas and the Anti-Atlas.
here is an excerpt from this music

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