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SpeedPaint - Gypsy


8 months agoSteemit2 min read

Hello good morning, afternoon or evening guys how are you?

The Internet arrived so I take the opportunity to upload a video, first I apologize since generally my videos start from the sketch and this was not going to be different, but as I said in previous publications the laptop sometimes puts a little slow [Better said, crazy...] the truth is that I understand her, the poor woman works with many things at once for many hours a day and sometimes asks for help, but she doesn't get answers.

To all these, I placed to record but when I had some time and I was going to put it on pause I realized that I was not recording although it seemed that yes, the case is that I lost all that recording time half an hour or a little more, I which frustrated me a lot, but I kept recording and here is the rest of the process.

When I came up with this drawing I wanted to do something a little careless, not so detailed, something faster, something different from what I always do, at the beginning I was going to be a Geisha, but I decided on something else.

Music used in the video:

Lost and Found Ready and Set Go Riddim

See you soon, I hope you like my video, it will make me very happy to know what you think of this.

See you soon!!!


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