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Pennywise with graphite


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Greetings dear Steemians!!!

I saw the It movie when it was premiered but just today I was watching it again, I do not like to watch repeated films but today I was doing nothing and without ideas to draw I started to see it, at the end it made me want to draw Pennywise.

I had done it a few months ago in color but for today I wanted to do it with my graphite pencils, I arrived home at 4 in the afternoon and maybe due to the stress of the street I arrived with my ideas completely blocked. For horror lovers like me, I leave my new drawing of the clown It.

I hope my ideas come back tomorrow and I can make a drawing for Steemit.

Thank you very much and good night to all, I hope you do not dream of "It". 😱

Gif of Drawing Process

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