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My new male character! What do you think is good or bad?


2 years agoBusy

Happy night Steemians!!!

Greetings to all and I hope you have spent a happy Sunday, for today I bring you my recent drawing finished, for my new character I decided to make a boy instead of a girl, it is something unusual in me because I usually draw only women but the truth is that three days ago I felt like making a draw of a boy.

My new character can be a mix between a video game character or a fictional character for some story, I do not know. I only did it inspired by my imagination of how I would like it to look.

It's already dark and I'm a little tired for this busy week for me so I think I'll go to bed early to renew my energies for tomorrow.

I say goodbye to all of you for tonight. I see them soon!!! 😜✌


Gif of Drawing Process

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