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My first entry for the TrialbyComics


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Good evening everyone, this is my first entry to the #TrialbyComics contest of @kommienezuspadt, this week's theme is about creating a character of your own and here is my character.

A few days ago I published a fantasy story that you can read "here", my story goes back to the early days of a magical world and fantastic beings, this story focuses on a girl with great power and many mysteries around She, but, still does not know her power or destiny.

This crazy story came out of my head and I'm writing and trying to give life to each character, I wanted to take the opportunity and publish the main character of the story for the contest of @kommienezuspadt, now I'm working on the villain, which would be a super hero if he did not have a super villain? So my second entry will be about this evil character full of darkness and forbidden powers.

Thank you for giving me a little of your time and supporting my work, see you soon and good evening.


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