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Legend has it that the world we know today was a desolate and lifeless world, there were only 10 sorcerers who decided to gather their powers to form a new world creating all the creatures that exist today.

This decision led to the sacrifice of five of these sorcerers who gave their lives to be able to create life as we know it today, the first creatures to exist were the ten celestial dragons who in their interior carried the essence of each of the sorcerers, including the essence of the five that were sacrificed.

The ten celestial dragons were never seen by any creature but everyone knew that they existed and rested in the forbidden lands where no creature dared to tread, in these lands the dragons were in charge of ruling this world and ensure peace and tranquility in it. It is said that this was true for many winters until the 10 celestial dragons were corrupted by an evil entity that only radiated darkness, according to the scriptures, of that evil being is not known much or where it came from, but it was in charge of obscuring the soul of the dragons and put them against the five sorcerers.

This dark being sacrificed 3 dragons to forge the "SHADOW SWORD OF DRAGON" and thus have more power to fight with the five sorcerers and try to defeat them! the battle lasted a long time and dragged many lives of innocent creatures, in the process 4 dragons were destroyed and after a long time two of the sorcerers gave their lives to imprison in the depths the 3 remaining celestial dragons.

The 3 sorcerers formed the link of the triangle to destroy the dark being and they succeeded, although after that celestial war the world was not like before! Every living being began to distrust, to be envious of other beings and even hatred was being formed in each heart, almost always there were battles for land or for the desire for power.

Legend has it that after the celestial war the dragon shadow sword was lost for a long time! Many tried to look for her but nobody knew her whereabouts, so no one was successful in her search. according to the account, this sword can not be wielded by any creature that does not have enough power to do so and the sword reacts to feelings, showing the good or the worst of whoever wields it.

This is how this story begins!


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