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Kratos the God of War


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When I was a teenager there was a game that I loved, this game was God of War and its protagonist called Kratos was awesome, before GOW, the game that I liked the most was the Prince of Persia, but since I started playing GOW with the PS2 of a friend I was totally delighted. The story, titans and gods and all kinds of creatures left me hooked to the game.

I was lucky to play GOW 1 and 2 and for the third installment it was impossible to play, recently I learned that a quarter of this game was born and according to the images on the Internet, is a much older Kratos who always walks with a child who According to my speculation, he is the son of the God of War. 🤔 😱

I always had in mind to draw this great warrior and just today I drew it. Some day before my son turns 18 I will give him a PS and take advantage to play GOW 3, 4 and all the new ones that will come out.

Below, my drawing of Kratos for all my dear followers, will be until my next drawing. 👋😜

Gif of Drawing Process

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