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This is my original artwork.
Mixed Media,24.2x33.3cm,2020

A protostar is a newly born star formed by the splitting and contraction of an interstellar cloud caused by gravity, and has not yet undergone a nuclear fusion reaction.
The life of a star is much longer than that of a human being, but it is the life of being born and dying.

Many things about the universe have become known through research, but there are still many mysteries. Just as I want to know the results of the latest research and studies, I want to continue to paint a fantasy universe through pictures.

When I draw abstract pictures, I sometimes think that I may be drawing the universe no matter what the motif is. The universe is much bigger than my insignificant self. That's why I never get tired of drawing abstract pictures, and I just want to draw more and more.

I heard that young Japanese people nowadays don't understand abstract paintings. That's too bad. I want you to feel something before you say you know or don't know.


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