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Giving Value To Newbie Upvotes: Dustsweeper Service


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These days, we Steemians come across thousands of newbies who are joining this platform every passing day. I love to interact with new comers on this platform and am delighted to receive their upvotes as a sign of winning their confidence. But how much is their upvote worth?

Are upvotes from newbie accounts akin to dust?

Well, if you don’t take into consideration the small portion of new accounts that invest sizeable Steem and power up their accounts; most of these accounts have only 6 SP or 15 SP in their newly created Steem wallet. Aside that, they love to experiment with fractional voting privilege, being offered to them from many dapps like eSteem & Busy. Imagine a 6 SP account upvoting you with 40% VW upvote at 50% VP! What would be the worth of such an upvote?

It’s like receiving a “thumbs up” on Facebook with no increment in the dollar value indicator of that post. However, on a blog-post, these upvotes will add up together with other upvotes to give a higher collective aggregate value. But what happens when they upvote your comments while interacting directly with them? In most cases, such comments have only one upvote. But without any visible dollar value, it appears to be a waste for receiver as well as giver.

This new service can turn dust into gold

There is a solution to this now. Last week, Steem Witness @danielsaori along with @davemccoy launched a service called @dustsweeper to turn all such “dust-votes” into something of value. Thus reinforcing the principle that every vote matters, however small it may be.

@dustsweeper is an amazingly friendly bot which turns all ignorable dust into a transactable value by providing an additional upvote to that post or comment.

How does @dustsweeper works?

@dustsweeper is a simple to use bot. On Steem platform, whenever you get upvotes whose total value does not exceed $0.0249 then its value will be shown rounded-down to either $0.00, $0.01 or $0.02. When you don’t receive any more upvotes or the total post / comment value does not increase beyond $0.0249 even on the 6th day; then @dustsweeper will notice it and upvote it by $0.028 automatically.

Joining Dustsweeper is free for all with no membership cost whatsoever. But it charges you 0.014 SBD for every upvote of $0.028 it gives you i.e. you pay only 50% in SBD for twice the upvote value in post rewards. Thus you will get about 71 upvotes of $0.028 from this bot when you pay a total of 1 SBD.

To avail Dustsweeper’s service, you only need to transfer 1 SBD or 1 Steem to @dustsweeper and that’s all you need to do. Dustsweeper bot will now take care of all your posts and comments that receive small upvotes and add its $0.028 upvote to it. Isn’t it amazing?

Last week, I had sent it a transfer for 1 SBD and almost forgotten. But today, I was pleasantly surprised to receive several upvotes from it on my comments. I don’t have to do anything after making my payment. When all my balance with it is consumed, it will send me a reminder for it. So I can always top up my balance to continue to receive upvotes from @dustsweeper.

I’m loving this service and I guess, you would too. Okay, I dunno about you, you can tell me what you feel about it.

  • Do you see any value in this service?
  • Would you like to pick up the dust with the help of this service?

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