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Andro Leaves Udaipur Today


7 months agoBusy3 min read

Andro Heim, the Animal Rights activist who is touring across the world on his bicycle has left Udaipur this evening for New Delhi from where he will be flying to Europe on 25th.

If you remember, about 3 weeks back I had posted that he has decided to leave Asia forever because of the language issues he faced during his outreaches here.

He was in Asia for less than a year during which he travelled to Indonesia, Thailand and Nepal. He had visited Udaipur in March on his way to Nepal. During that visit, he could only stop for a few days here as his visa was about to expire. But when returning back from Nepal, he was very excited to inform me that he has got 6 months visa for India. But unfortunately, he had to cut back on his travel plans in India when he realized that he couldn't convince people effectively as holding deep conversation with them was impossible due to language barrier.

He had also got some wounds in his feet due to constant pedalling of his bike which got heeled while his stay at Udaipur. Udaipur was fortunate to have him twice and got the biggest share from his travels in Asia. He spent about two months here. During this time he did regular outreaches in city parks, university campuses, lake sides etc. places. He also gave speeches in schools and on my request, he was regularly coming to our daily morning outreach in Jain religious congregation for some days.

He also helped in putting up several frames in various restaurants and hotels with an awareness message against aquariums. Apart from activism, it was great to share his vast knowledge & experiences he gathered in his activism around the globe.


Getting ready to hop on the train journey to Delhi

But all good things has an ending. The energy and effort he was putting in to spread the message of compassion and kindness deserved a lot more. Udaipur was just a small destination for him in this vast world.

He has to go to New Delhi to catch his flight anyway. So I thought it would be good if he spend some time in a bigger city like New Delhi, where he can find some English speaking audience too. So he will be staying for a couple of weeks in Delhi before leaving for Europe.


Goodbye Udaipur

I wish him success in his mission ahead in Europe and wherever he decides to go next. May he be blessed with more power, energy and good health!


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