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A Haunting in Wiebe House


6 months ago2 min read

I have come to believe that my house is haunted. There have been things that happened in the past that I have been able to explain away - such as waking up at 2:00am being 100% confident that a demon was in my living room, only to find later that the eerie Twin Peaks soundtrack CD autoplayed when the power flickered - but now I'm not so certain. There have been recent events that I have been dubious of, even outright skeptical, but after having watched a number of "Ghost Hunting/Adventure/Explain This Phenomena" shows I'm now second guessing my previous skepticism.


I work in a basement office which doubles as my workshop. Normally it's quiet, but every now and then I will hear footsteps and noises from upstairs. When I go up to investigate, it's quiet.

When I turn the shower off in the morning and begin to dry I often see a face in the fogged mirror. It can't be mine. I'm not that old! I was able to get a picture of it this morning where you can see the outline of a person looking back at me.


I have a cat. I have, on the floor near my desk, a box for the cat.


When I look back a second time, the cat is gone. Where did she go? I know I didn't move her.


Of course, when walking through the house, I very often see children out of the corner of my eye. I will call out to see if anyone is there, and not get an answer. Very weird. These poor children-spirits, however, must be very sad and neglected, because I will occasionally hear one of them cry out in despair, "I'm hungry!" Poor things.

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