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Binance Futures users can now copy trade and use bots with Wunderbit Trading


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We are happy to announce that we completed the integration with Binance Futures platform and it is now live. You can now unleash the full potential of trading on one of the top derivative exchanges with full automation.

Everyone in our community can now set up their TradingView bots to start algorithm trading and build new strategies. If you want to automate your trading strategies in the crypto currency market join our FREE platform – Wunderbit Trading.

Why trade on Binance Futures

Binance is one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges with daily volume above 1.5 billion USD and large liquidity pool.

Binance Futures lists futures for top 20+ cryptocurrencies. As any other futures exchange it allows you to buy (go long) and sell (go short) any futures contract with leverage of up to 125x. At the same time, all our users can benefit from cross leverage and cross collateral.

Why trade using Wunderbit Trading

With Wunderbit Trading, Binance users have additional benefits:

  1. Automate crypto trading bots based on TradingView alerts
  2. Advanced trading terminal
  3. Copy trade professional traders and bots

Wunderbit is a fintech that strives to facilitate the real-world use of cryptocurrencies through a number of products and solutions.


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