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Suggestion for applock: add the custom timer button


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Applock is a useful Android application when it comes to security. The application helps restrict access of selected applications to only those with the password. One feature that the application has is the ability to select a time frame ahead of the application lock. A friend got my device to see a movie, our agreement was for him to see just a movie. I tried setting up the applock with the length of the movie but I could not because the time limit is a maximum of thirty minutes.

Proposal description

I’m proposing that a custom timer button is added. This functionality will help the users to set their preferred duration. I’m not a developer so I don’t know how stressful the feature implementation will be.

Mockups/ Examples

Below is how the settings currently look like.

The above image shows the restriction of users to a maximum of thirty minutes.

Below is how I want the application to look like.

The above image shows the introduction of the custom option. This will give users the flexibility to choose the time frame that suits them.
The implementation won’t really affect the user interface.


When implemented, the main benefit of this feature will be the ability of the application to accommodate more user’s choice thereby increasing the efficiency. The application is currently useless to users that require more than thirty minutes and this feature will make the application useful to them.
The developer has seen and added my issue to the new feature request label.


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