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My new round of explorations.


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Captain's log:

Look what bad luck, as you can see in the image, you have got a planet very close to the area I was exploring, I had sent a few missions very close and soon I would send one there, but good that is done, he is close and I very far, it was good to get that planet with my normal explorer ships, to see what kind of planet goes out, but they saw that I was exploring there and they have sent missions to that site, you must get in the first missions to the selected site so that this does not happen, I go to another side, and close to that sure I get nothing, you with this new group of ships that I sent, because I would like very much to have a planet near the zone 00/00, and as those who read my publications know that I have been trying to find one over there.

See there that I was exploring very close to that area, but I will not faint, I will continue trying to find my planet there, I know that I have to find one, something tells me and therefore I try so hard. If I see that I can't do it with the normal explorer, I'm going to buy some explorers 2 to see if with that one I can find a planet in that area that I want so much before the others sweep the area. I was thinking that it will be good to have in the game a market that you can buy a ship and get something faster, I don't know that they put a waiting rule of 1 0 2 days to balance the trip, but it reduces a possible waiting a little, also that you can buy planets and if you were close to there I buy it, so I hope they will soon develop a market to see if the game advances a little more.

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