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Adventures as a space settler, in Next Colony. # 39.


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Captain's log, day 38:

Greetings my dear friends. Today we reach the LVL 193 of meta-skill level, as always the most important thing to highlight in the activity of the day. We were able to increase to that level thanks to the fact that we updated the ability to explore to 14, also the ability to shipyard to 13 and we waited for resources to raise the shipyard building to that level, because it is at 12. We changed to the strategy of increasing the exploration ability as a priority, because yesterday talking with our friend Captain @Onetin84, we learned that if we get a planet, we will still have to move the resources with transporters (I thought they were spent alone to my resources) so I must update the exploration ability and once and as soon as possible begin the ability to transport, if I get a planet to pass the resources.

We have been stumbling, from one side to the other, following erroneous strategies, which has delayed me a lot in what should be the priority for all who are on a planet, explore, only that should be the main thing to reach, then update the ability to transport and build a few, to bring the resources, so you know do not lose time, another thing is that I have raised a lot of mines and that has made me lose time, the right thing would be to take them to 14 and uranium to 16, that's the most recommendable thing in principle, and explore. It has been very harmful not to speak English and therefore not be in constant communication in the @nextcolony discord chat where we have been able to learn many things and we have not done it, which has been fatal and has led us a total delay that has me discouraged, but I will try to make up for lost time, following the correct strategy from now on.

Communications section:

Yesterday we maintained contact for more than 2 hours with Captain @onetin84, who continued to instruct us in many things of the system of operations and strategies, which has helped us a lot to draw new strategies, with the knowledge of how many things work, since the captain is very experienced and is currently in rank 22, has already had many missions and has 7 planets so far achieved in their exploration missions. It is a great advantage to have his help and to have first hand the experiences of the different operations, although his planet is too far away to trade with him, we appreciate his great help in providing much of what he has learned in practice.

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@willsaldeno Next Colony gamer.
Captain out!

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