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How To Mining With CGMiner And SGMiner In Windows


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Lately, many people want to try to mine (mining) digital currency because the current price is more expensive. Not only Bitcoin, everyone can also choose any crypto to be obtained from mine. There are several programs that support crypto mining, and here will explain how to mining with CGMiner and SGMiner.

What is Bitcoin mining? Bitcoin mining is a process in which transactions are verified and added to the block chain. Mining is also a means to mimic or create new Bitcoin. Anyone can participate, either single mining or join into Pool with internet network. The main requirement in mining at least has the appropriate hardware criteria. Some Altcoin criteria can be mined with a laptop or a low specification.

The mining process will collect the last transaction into blocks and solve difficult 'puzzles'. The first miners to solve the puzzle can put the next block and claim the result. The number of new bitcoins released is a gift in every mined block. How difficult is the puzzle or puzzle in mining depends on how many miners are incorporated throughout the network. Mining difficulties can be adjusted with protocols every 2016 blocks, or approximately every 2 weeks.

How To Mining With CGMiner And SGMiner

Then, how to mining with CGMiner and SGMiner to mine Bitcoin? Please note that CGMiner is a command line based program. The best way to run a CGMiner app with the appropriate settings and create a batch file. The easiest way to create a batch file is to use Notepad.

Open the notepad and paste the following command code, change the Username, Password, and Pool, to match the account settings in Pool.

If you have two or more video cards on your computer, add '-d 1' to the command line.

When you have finished modifying the command line, save this file by using the .bat (miner.bat) extension so that the file can be executed. Make sure to set 'save as type' and select 'all files'. Otherwise, this file may be a txt, not a batch file. Put the file in the CGMiner folder, then create a shortcut to the desktop for easy access.

Once the batch file is complete, you can now start Bitcoin mining using CGMiner. Double click on batch file to start miner. Any GPU detected by CGMiner will appear, the hash level of each card will be displayed in units of Mh / s (Mega hash per second).

The second way, if in the compress file has been provided executable file. Exe, please directly click. A command prompt appears and asks for the URL, username, and password. This version can be found on CGMiner 4.5.0 or using SGMiner.

How to mining with CGMiner is quite easy, because we just enter the line of code to run Pool mining. And keep in mind, CGMiner program is considered virus / malware by antivirus. We recommend using SGMiner, and how to use it the same.


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