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Random Facts About the Internet

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So... The internet, because, uhh, that's where we are at the moment.

The internet could be said to have been born when computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web in 1990 (he was later knighted by Queen Elizabeth due to this!), although a few prototypes of an interconnected computer network existed before in smaller scales. It definitely changed the day-to-day of the Human Race at a planetary scale as now 5,5 billion people have online access (arguable! data diverges), meaning more than half the human population has access to the greatest online coffee shop that there ever was. Narrative being a very small corner of this infinite establishment. But anyway, since you are probably getting bored lets get to those cold, hard, fun facts:

  • The world’s first website is still online .

  • The first ever email was sent in 1971, by Ray Tomlinson to himself, he doesn’t remember the contents though. Today more than 250 billion emails are sent out every day

  • Around 80% of the images on the internet are of Naked women.
  • The Internet Weighs as Much as One Strawberry
  • The biggest lie on the internet is "LOL'. The second is "I Have Read The Terms and Conditions". The third, "I Am Over 18 Years Old"
  • About 19% married couple meets online, making it a good place to look for your significant other.
  • Today, the Internet is 11104 days old. You can check this at

  • T,h,e, ,f,i,r,s,t, ,e,v,e,r, ,Y,o,u,T,u,b,e, ,v,i,d,e,o, ,u,p,l,o,a,d,e,d, ,w,a,s, ,o,n, ,2,3, ,o,f, ,A,p,r,i,l,,, ,2,0,0,5,., ,I,t,',s, ,c,a,l,l,e,d, ,",M,e, ,a,t, ,t,h,e, ,z,o,o,,,", ,a,n,d, ,f,e,a,t,u,r,e,s, ,o,n,e, ,o,f, ,t,h,e, ,f,o,u,n,d,e,r,s,,, ,J,a,w,e,d, ,K,a,r,i,m, ,w,e,l,l,.,.,., ,a,t, ,t,h,e, ,Z,o,o,., ,H,e,r,e, ,i,t, ,i,s,:,

  • Before the world wide web (actual images), netizens traded ASCII porn during the '70s and '80s. (Yes, the link is an actual example and, "nudity" aside, it is really interesting to see how things were back then)

  • In 1995, Newsweek published an article selling the future of the internet short. It ridiculed the idea people would be able to have lessons or buy stuff online. It's still available on their website .

  • As of this moment this post is the most recent piece of content to be published online.

    • poof * Now it's not!

There it is! I hope you have enjoyed your first voyage down this road of useless information.

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