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Tradable SMTs - Picture the Future.


9 months agoSteemit2 min read

A peek into our future.

This screenshot is brought to you by and if you are wondering why I am sharing it here it is to show those who don't yet have a vision of SMTs and a part of how it works. DEXEOS is an App on EOS which allows their end-users to trade tokens and gain monetary rewards from their Apps.

Once we have SMTs we will likely have an exchange where you can trade SMT tokens for Steem. This provides a way to give a monetary value to the future SMTs.

We already have some apps tracking and airdropping tokens on current stakeholders and I expect that will ramp up as we closer and closer to the SMT Hardfork.

In many cases, App owners drop tokens with a 1:1 ratio to current Steem Holders. Steemhunt, did just such an airdrop. Plus they are rewarding activity on their site.

While I think things are going to be a little boring for a bit while we wait for SMTs, try to imagine how interesting this will make things. Various Apps will be able to add and monetize their own apps using SMTs and rewarding activity they value.

While I've known that for a while, watching my airdropped tokens gain value on EOS has me excited about the future and I think we have many people who have not experienced how this works!

In the comments tell me about other projects who are planning SMTs and how to claim them...

Looking forward to SMTs.



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