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SMTs and community integration is already here!?!? Which is my favorite?


2 months ago3 min read

I can’t believe how late I am to this! Here I was, excited about the reduction of spam and bidbots and scams and the collection of awesome people who stuck around for this long and how Steem seems to be coming back from a dark pit....

Then I logged on to steempeak for the first time in maybe a year. I had heard it was a good front end. I had heard something about steemengine but whenever I heard of coins, I imagined they were complicated things that were worth very little and required all kinds of hoops to jump through....

... I didn’t realize that all I had to do to access them was log in through steempeak. I didn’t realize that some of them are actually worth something. I didn’t realize that all these front ends were already vibrant communities in their own right. I didn’t realize that communities and SMTs were already integrated. I thought communities were just a way to organize post...I didn’t realize they were portals into different front ends with different user bases and coins that hold substantial value in addition to steem earned.

I’m floored! I’m all in! I love this place again! Steemit is underwhelming but Steem is brilliant! I’m so excited to start exploring different communities and front ends now.

The only thing I feel a bit sad about is my Be Awesome community. I feel that with the vibrant communities that have their own front end and coin, I can’t really see much of a purpose for it at present. Natural medicine is already very close to what I was aiming for and much more

Natural Medicine! Damn! You’ve become huge!

I stayed away from Natural Medicine because, while I do appreciate natural medicine, especially TCM which I study, very few of my posts fit into a topic of what most would consider “natural medicine”. I write blogs about life in the city and how to stay sane there, I post my art, I write about community, spirituality and even crypto. I know I would be welcome but I didn’t know if my posts would be welcome...

But after talking to @riversflow and hearing her concept for the place, I realize most of what I write IS Natural medicine. It’s about the healing process, not only on a physical level, not even only on a mental or emotional level but also on a social tap level.

I’m all about community and tribes, creating trust, self empowerment and healing through the artistic process, the way inner worlds reflect the outer world, the way we reflect each other.... if that is not medicine, what is it?

I came to and realized just how many familiar steemians were already here and realized immediately that I was home.

Not only will it be great to be part of a community that is already flourishing...the feed here will do much better to attract my friends IRL who are into similar things, rather than the feed.

So I hereby declare myself a citizen of #naturalmedicine. I will be looking for other tribes and front ends to connect with too. I’m a duel citizenship kind of guy, a bridge.

Which communities and front ends do you like interacting with the most? Please introduce me to a few more steem based ecosystems!



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