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Tower Defence Game On The Blockchain Coming To Andriod This July (And Ios At A Later Date)


4 months agoSteemit2 min read

I always liked tower defence games. They were easy to get into if you had an hour or two and there was it fun to build your towers up as the game progressed. Since the genre was all about earning and spending money to defend yourself naturally it would work well with a cryptocurrency. A new game called Age Of Ilc plans on using its blocckhain for the ilcoin to make a tower defence game where real money can be earned by playing it. There is also micropayments made with ilcoin and these transactions can be made on your phone.

Now I will be honest I have not heard of this coin before nor have I heard of the game. But it is the first tower defence game that I have seen and since it is coming out in a couple of weeks it is worth keeping an eye out for.

Doing some research I came across this youtube video that has some screenshots:

It's not one of the big titles to look forward to but hey you never know. It could a lot of fun and if its free to play I will give it a try. And if its worth getting I will let you guys know. I am not looking for anything fancy, if it plays well it could be a fun way to make some extra money or put away some of a coin that could have a future.

There is plans for other ilcoin games. It doesn't seem like gaming is their main focus but are partnered with a gaming company to make more user cases for their currency and get it into more hands. It is a smart way to expand your audience.

Now who wants to make a tower defence game for steem?


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