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9 Lives Arena: A Blockchain Game With Permadeath Where You Can Earn Cryptocurrency (ENJIN)


6 months agoSteemit2 min read

It is starting to get exciting in the blockchain gaming world. We are soon entering the days when AAA titles will be launched on blocckhains and we will no longer be getting any sleep. The new title that I am pumped for is 9 Live Arena. It has a cool gimmick were you have, well, 9 Lives and if you die that is it. Your character leaves behind a statue so everyone can see how glorious they were. But the interesting part is that the equipment you were wearing is also locked onto the statue so you will need to start over again with not only your character but your gear. This makes it a very high stakes game.

As nerve-racking as this can be it does add a lot of value to the items as they will need to be continuously bought and traded if you are going to stay competitive. And thing of how exciting an esports or twitch stream will be when the player who loses also loses their character. I can see some high stake matches with real emotion of the players as they compete in 1 v 1 battles.

In order to combat the feeling of grinding they also added persistent progression. The more times you have levelled up characters the faster you can level up your next character. That way you still feel like you are making progress even when you lose your top characters.

There is item crafting and a companion, all good things you find in an online game. And the battle system looks solid with a skill bar on the bottom of the screen that hopefully has enough variety to make the game challenging and skill based for online fights. And the game has solid graphics.

I missed the closed Alpha that was at the end of June but will keep an eye open for beta. Would love a free-to-play game were you can grind and sell your goods. I wonder if we will get to the point were that could be a part time job.

Here is the site if you are interested:

I found this video that explains blueprints and how you can make money. It is worth a watch if you want more details:

I also found a trailer and some gameplay footage

Who else is going to be playing this?


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