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5 Video Games Based On Movies That Were Actually Worth Playing


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Video games that were based on movies do not have the best reputation. And to be fair a lot of them were cash grabs that were rushed to be paired with a movie and were not worth playing. But this was not always the case. If you got back to the Nintendo and Super Nintendo days there were some pretty solid titles that were based on movies.

Aladdin (Sega):

Okay I know there is a debate about what version is better, the Super Nintendo game or the Sega game but I am all about the Sega version. Throw apples and hop on bad guys as you made your way through the Aladdin movie. It was short and didn't innovate like Mario did but it was a solid side-scroller that did the movie justice. And, similar to a lot of 2D games, it has aged well and is still fun today.

Scott Pilgram vs The World: The Game (Xbox live):

If you ever get a chance and like the old retro feel I recommend this game and Castle Crashers. This title is similar to games like River City Ransom which is a beat em up with RPG elements. As you level up your character you do more damage. But it did get to the point were you got O.P. pretty fast. It was a lot of fun to play with friends.

Here is the trailer if you missed it back in the day:

Friday The 13th (Nintendo):

Okay I cannot say this is a good game but for a Nintendo game based on a movie it wasn't bad. It was much better than Nightmare On Elm street and Jaws. This is another short game that could be done in a sitting but the gameplay was different than other games that were out there. You needed to go house to house to get the right items to take down Jason. Not much to it but the mix of 2D and first person parts made the game at least worth a try.

Goldeneye (N64):

This is easily the best video game based on a movie that was every made. It was one of the only examples that might actually be better than the movie itself. The level design was spot on for the film and was incredibly varied. Multiplayer was so much fun and with cheat codes you could unlike for beating levels in record times there was so much replayability with this title. Yeah it didn't age that well but it still holds fond memories.

Die Hard (Arcade):

I remember playing this randomly in an arcade. It is an over-the-top beat em up where you could pick up crazy items to fight as John Mcclane. If I recall the game really didn't follow the movie very well but it was so much fun you really didn't care.

Check out the game in this youtube video and tell me that isn't awesome:

Any more you want to add to the list?


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