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4 Video Game Franchises I Want To See Retrun And 1 That Is In The Works


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There were some classic games and characters that for some reason didn't make it onto the newer consoles. Maybe these were games that were hard to turn from 2D to 3D or characters that were not as popular but there were some I think need another chance. With new systems and cheaper downloads for smaller titles there are lots of options to bring these games back and give them new stories. Or at least give us a nice feeling of nostalgia.

Chrono Trigger:

How is there only one Chrono Trigger? Okay there was that pseudo sequel that actually wasn't that bad but Chrono and the gang were nowhere to be found. This was one of the best rpgs of all time with a great story and distinctive artwork. There was a lot of character in your party and I would have like to see them used again in future titles. Even if Chrono never actually said anything he was still better than most modern day heroes. I don't want a full 3D new game (though that would be good too) but another 2D full follow-up.

Where In The World Is Carmen San Diego?:

That is a good question where is she? Sure it is an educational game but we those can be fun too. Look how fun civilisation games are and I learned a lot from them. I wouldn't mind another point and click game like they had in the past where you need to discover where she is with clues. Or maybe we put in real money and make it like Assassin Creed with Carmen. Just an idea. Either way I think that red coat would still well today.

Earthworm Jim:

"He's such a groovy guy" Don't act like I'm the only one that watched the cartoon. This game was, well, odd. But it was really good. It was a decent length and it didn't have much behind a few levels but the design really made it stand out. I think they made a N64 version that didn't do well. Similar to how the new Sonic Mania game is 2D I think they should stick with that with Earthworm Jim. Go back to the crazy art design and 2D levels that made it work and give us another 12 levels or so. It would be worth a download.

Blades Of Steel (Or Any Crazy Sport Game Like NBA Jam:

Back in the day sports game were not about stats bot power-ups. Who else remembers NBA Jam and how fun it was to get the 3 streak? There were a lot of fun old sprots games that didn't take themselves too seriously that were a blast to play. I wish they made some new ones.


This one is actually coming back But I don't think they are going to do a good with it. A lot of people refer to Battletoads as a beat em up but it really wasn't. Sure the first level was and the game was so hard you probably didn't get too far to see the rest of the game but every level was a different gameplay mechanic. It really was quite impressive. I want to see the creativity and difficulty in the new game. But I will take a Castle Crasher type game were I can level up as I go, I'm not picky.

Any you want to add to the list?


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