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4 Extra Collectables In Video Games Where It Was Worth Finding Them All (And One That Really Wasn't)


6 months ago3 min read

There is a lot of random stuff in games that you can collect. A lot of them are just bonuses while others actually gave you stat increases. But then there were collectables that were so important that they were weaved through the whole game and could even change the ending if you collected them all. These were items that were pivotal to the story of the game and if you put the time in to find them all you were rewarded.

Sonic 1-3: The 7 Emeralds

You have not played a Sonic game until you have played as super sonic. Why? Because you are gold and invincible. It is like being on star power in Mario but on speed. I remember getting this in Sonic 3. You needed to have 50 coins to activate it and your coin count would go down by the second. But for that time you were invulnerable... except for pits. Those still messed you up. Super sonic was enough of an upgrade and change in gaming experience that it really was worth getting the emeralds for plus you got the better ending.

Mario 64: 120 stars

It was not only about collecting every star in the game but opening that secret cannon outside of the castle. If you aimed it properly you could get on top and find Yoshi who is not in the game otherwise. Sure you could not ride Yoshi and you only got 99 lives (which you didn't need as you already beat the game) but still this was a nice nod for finding all the stars in the game.

Donkey Kong 1-3: All Dk coins

Did you know, random fact, that if you find everything in Dk 1 you get 101%. And if you find everything in DK 2 you got 102%. Guess what you got for DK 3. It was not only about that percentage beside your name but you unlocked new levels with your coins and got the real ending and boss battle if you collected everything. A unique boss fight, ending and new levels is definitely worth the challenge of finding all the coins. Nowadays you need to buy new content with DLC back then you earned it.


Braid: The puzzle pieces

First of all if you have not played this game closed the browser now and download it. This is one of those games that could be considered a work of art. It is one of the best puzzle platform games there is and if you want to see the real ending, which explains the themes better, you need all the puzzle pieces. Some of them are really hard to get but with effort (and a faq) you can get them all. It is worth it in my opinion.

And the one game that I could not recommend you spend the time finding all the items in:

Mario Sunshine: 120 shines

SPOILER ALERT if you have not collected them all and want to be surprised. Okay ready? If you manage to get all the shines, and they are not as fun to get as Mario 64, all you get is a Hawaiian shirt. Yep a blue shirt for Mario. My friend still laughs at me till this day.

Any you want to add to the list?


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