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Where there's DLive, there's a SCAM!

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LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL and one more LOL!

I heard Dlive is back on steem xD After they exit scammed, left half of its community because of their secret plans, they are back on Steem.


As DLive was never decentralized, I think Steem is a perfect place for them. We must keep those scammers on the same place.

It seems like Steem will become just that; a place for scammers and milkers and wannabe rich asap people. Lol, very sad.

Apparently, their Lino plan with their pals didn't work out well. Apparently, pewdiepie was not the way cause they spent a lot of $ on him. Apparently, everything they said in their 2 last posts on Steem is not true or they realized they were wrong.

Posts I'm talking about:

You can see in the comments how scammy and shady DLive was and how the community reacted on their exit scam after they milked Steem for a long time. Once again, thank you Ned. -.-'

I was on DLive almost from the beginning and I loved it. Since they left us and lied like the biggest politicians can, I stopped caring about it.


I couldn't say nothing after their latest move. They are back on the platform/''blockchain'' they milked, scammed and abandoned over night.

What a move Dlive, what a move...

Anyway, just for the record: Anyone supporting or using DLive is directly supporting scammers and putting the blockchain industry in shade. Stop doing that in the name of Decentealization.

Peace yo,

Mr. Spacely


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