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I ordered a graphics tablet

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Heyo yo to the everyone yo!

I am so happy today and I really needed that feeling for last couple of months. You know, when most of the things don't go according to your plans, you kinda seek happiness in any place you might find it.

That happened to me. And, I am glad I found a bit of happiness in this crazy period of mine.

As the topic of this post said, I bought a graphics tablet. I'm lying, I ordered it and waiting for it to come. Hopefuly, it will be on Friday and if not, it should arrive on Monday.


I really hope it will come on Friday because it is my day off and I would dedicate the whole day unpacking it, installing and learning to use it.

Be sure you will see a loong long stream the day it arrives :)

The tablet I bought is Wacom 16 cintiq. Ordered, ordered, not bought. Yet. :)))


It is not much expensive but it still kinda is. It is around 750$ in my country and I managed to find it on sale for 50$ less. It's not much but it is for me.

This will be my first graphics tablet and you might find it surprising that I am buying it as you probably never saw my art. And, you wouldn't be wrong much because I didn't draw or create anything (except logos in Illustrator) in a loong loooooooooong time.

And it kinda got me a bit frustrated because my mind is full of some ideas and art, so the time has come to put that on paper, or in this case on a graphics tablet.

My grandpa and dad are good artist and I kinda have or had that talent. But, without practice I am now at the point when I will need to learn a lot to get back where I was when I was drawing more often than now.

It will surely be though as I was never a great drawer or artist. But, I know my talent is somewhere deep inside me and Imma try to get it back on surface.

If I don't make it, at least I will enjoy in creating something. :)


My idea is to "copy" my father's old drawings just to get my hand used to motions. After that, I will try to copy other photos or someones profile pic. And then, when I am sure I can draw something original, I will try that.

As I said, it will be a long road but I am up for it. If I get over it (I won't), I will give it to my sister @ylania and she will use it for her job.

You see... She is the smarter one in my family and she is a designer and currently working on a new app. And me... I never learned about art, drawing and design and that's why I will have a though time with this.

But as I said, it will be fun and I can't wait.

BTW, if you have ANY tips or videos how to learn draeing basics, comment on this post and help me :) tnx!


One fun fact about this order is that I bought it with BTC (that I bought with Hive and Steem) and coins from my piggy bank. So, I kinda didn't feel that I payed that much but in the reality, I did work my ass off for that and it was time to reward myself.

I hope to see you on next stream with my new graphics tablet.

Peace yo,

Mr. Spacely

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