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People witness: we-the-people is up and running!

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

we-the-people is a Hive Witness.
we-the-people is ranked 156/117 (5 June 2020)
we-the-people runs a Price Feed.

we-the-people wants to put into practice a new type of witness, with a completely democratic management based on the logic of a user, a vote.

Here are the highlights:

the decisions concerning Hive's governance, regarding what little or much voice that we-the-people will have, and it depends on you, obviously, will be publicized and taken through surveys via Dpoll

every month 50% of the profits deriving from the writing of the blocks (excluding the maintenance costs of the server, today $ 30/month) will be equally distributed (one vote, one share) among all those who have kept their vote for the whole month (to avoid scrounge an activity check on users can be applied)

every month 30% of the profits deriving from the writing of the blocks (excluding the maintenance costs of the server, today $ 30/month) will be left as HP and used to vote on the posts of all those who have kept the their vote (some constraints on value of posts can be decided by a Dpoll survey)

Do we want to try to shift attention from HP to people together?

Many do not use all the 30 possible votes that can be given to witnesses, if there is one, why not vote for a witness who will share the profits of the block writing activity with you?

Thanks to those who want to give democracy a chance on Hive!

we-the-people Discord channel where you can interact with suggestions and where you can discuss which initiatives to support, which actions to take, how to change the distribution criteria, etc. etc.

we-the-people has already started voting, even if for now the HP is really miserable, with a 10% every post of the users who voted the witness.

We hope that in the future the HP of the vote will be higher, the percentage will be gradually modified not to reset the HP for too many votes.

Also on the discord channel, the methods to be implemented to avoid abuse will be discussed, the choice between the various options will then be democratically decided through Dpoll.

Dpoll in progress:

Do you agree or disagree with the black list created by @arcange?
Direct Dpoll link

Dpoll ended:

Old presentation

What’s a witness?
Hive Witness is a person or a group of persons who run the Hive Blockchain software on a computer which produces blocks on the Hive Blockchain.

Witnesses are elected by the community through a mechanism called delegated proof of stake.
Witnesses receive HPs as rewards for producing blocks (processing transactions).

Why a new witness?
Hive is born to fight against centralization, so the more witnesses, the better.
we-the-people try to be a focus point for all people and community that feels under-presented among Hive ecosystem.
we-the-people aims to be a witness voted by the people to be the voice of the people.

What are the configuration of the witness server?
We are running the witness node on VPS from @privex with a basic configuration.
we-the-people needs your support to pay monthly expenses and to curate posts, the higher we climb in the witness rank, the loudest can be heard peoples' voices.

How can an individual be involved?
Every user can be involved in the governance of the chain proportional to HP.
Hive recently proved that every witness vote counts.

What will do we-the-people in the future?
we-the-people will use HP deriving from the witness activity to curate people's posts; we plan to set the rules for curation asking directly to the people using dpoll, the polling site that use Hive blockchain.

Actually we-the-people is below first 400 witness LOL, so the easy way to vote for us is using Hive Keychain:

You can also use PeakD:

Many people use less the all 30 witness vote, please use one of your remaining power to let we-the-people climb the rank and let you count more in the governance of Hive!


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