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Where is the Bitcoin price likely to go next?


6 months agoSteemit

btc dec.jpg

Looks like there's a few possibilities here. The low could already be in. Seems unlikely, as there isn't a lot of support here and the chart just wouldn't look right with just one leg down from that descending triangle break. A pull back to either of the red lines and then a new low looks more likely to me. There's more support just under 3k and I've seen that's a target people have been talking about for a long time. Maybe this is expected, so the price wont go that low but it still seems likely. If that support can't hold then the lower green line is from the high of the last bull market. I've seen some people talking about that but I'm not sure it will go that low.

This is just my thoughts, not trading advice. How low do you think the Bitcoin price will go?


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