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#roadtosteemfest : Funding my trip to Krakow


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Steem time

It's week 7 of #roadtosteemfest by @anomadsoul already and I didn't even notice that week 6 has passed. Oh My! Steem time just went by so fast and I'm lost! I also just realised also that the free write is only for the 1st week's theme of this initiative.. Guess what, seems like I'm 'Way BEHIDE Pad Thai' LOLOL I blame the language! English's not my mother tongue! (Yes, excuses, that is) haaa~

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Freakin' visa

To be honest, just yesterday after I looked into the lists of what I needed to prepare for the Schengen visa which was more than 10 things. Some of the lists already cost bucks and one of the lists was 'Current statements of latest 6 months' and think about it, I have no REAL JOB and the number has just been that number forever! They wouldn't let me in the country for sure!, so I actually thought to myself 'Hmm.. maybe I'm not going?'

Then last night before bed, I somehow came across the video made by all my fellow @ddaily crew. I did't even know they were making this (Told you! I'm waybehindpadthai 😭 LOLOL)


The video hyped me up again and yes, I have filed most of the documents today including the invitation letter from @roelandp. Except for the bank documents.

Here's the story

I went to a bank today and was asking for the bank statement. They checked and asked 'What would you need it for?'.. 'Schengen visa' I said.. '2x,xxx Thai baht' and I was like (O.o) 'Really???' I didn't even know I got $700 left in my available bank acct. Bwahaha

No! I'm not that broke LOLOL I got some more saving in many places like, in crypto currencies, mutual funds and all.. It's just not spendable (or I don't want to? LOL) So I will have to wait for my aunt to go to the bank with me and use her bank acct to support my document instead. Yes, tough life huh? LOL

Then, My road to steem fest will just have to count on Poland Embassy!

Funding my trip to Krakow

  • I have been spending my saving and at the same time, I have been collecting STEEM by creating posts on the blockchain. Especially with my new project 'BANGKOKOKOK', it will be a lot of contents ahead. I could totally cash those out (even though I don't want to just yet due to the price of STEEM).
  • Also, I just changed my setting on my AirBnB acct and it's now available for people to rent. If I get lucky having someone renting the place, I will just have to move my butt to stay with my fam for a bit.
  • I joined some of the contests for SF3 ticket giveaway like, this one as well so, fingers crossed!

Thank YOU @rubencress for this amazing banner! You rock!! Too bad with the situation you're facing and you couldn't come, as you're totally one of the Steem peeps I would like to meet!

Meet me at SteemFest 2018 in Kraków

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Exotic and beautiful Thai puppet show!

My BANGKOKOKOK Project's started!

My Entry For SteemFest Ticket Giveaway *Please go tell them , you want me there! :P


It's so compact and affordable. Yes! It's great for vlogging as well :)
Great sound creates great video contents so yes, the mic needed
This thing makes my life so much easier. Yes, it does!

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