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Scenery in xinjiang


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Famous for mythology and unique natural scenery.The main peak is located about 40 kilometers east of turpan city, with an altitude of 831.7 meters.Huoyanshan lies on the north road of the silk road.Many cultural sites and historical stories still exist today.The amazing landscape, unique products, numerous cultural sites, as well as "journey to the west" sun wukong three borrow banana fan fan out of the flame mountain and other beautiful legends, popular.
With the ancient myth of the western king mother of the yao pool, religion and unique ethnic folk customs as its cultural connotation, it integrates forest, grassland, snow mountain and cultural landscape into one, and has a unique style of scenery.
West sea - bosten lake
Bosten lake was called xihai in ancient times, and there are many seaside scenery here, known as "xanadu".Bosten lake scenic area is based on the bosten lake scenery, bosten nur, Mongolian meaning "standing", because of the three lake mountain standing in the lake name.Bosten lake and snow mountain, lake light, green state, desert, birds, animals with the co-prosperity, set off each other, constitute a colorful landscape.The vast lake is known as a pearl in the desert.
The king of canyons -- the tomer canyon
Tianshan tomul grand canyon, also known as the "kuduuk grand canyon", which means "breathtaking and mysterious" in the uygur language, is the only way to the north and south tianshan ancient way-muzat ancient road. Tomur grand canyon is the largest red-layer canyon in the north and south of tianshan mountain with the highest aesthetic value, and is known as the "king of the canyon".
The largest original euphorbia poplar forest -- the village of luo people
Luo buren village is located in dun kuotan township, yuli county, 40 kilometers away from the county seat.Tarim river, the longest inland river, flows through the scenic area.The largest reserve of primeval Euphrates poplar forests and the ancient and mysterious lobo people are here.
The unique frontier fortress scenery -- xinjiang yili narati
Narathi tourism, located in xinyuan county, xinjiang, is located in the hinterland of tianshan mountain, known as "jiangnan beyond the frontier" in the eastern end of the yili river valley,
has the reputation of "paradise on earth".Yili narathi, surrounded by mountains on three sides and meandering through by gongnai river, is a natural landform with beautiful scenery, elegant environment and abundant vegetation.With its unique natural landscape, long history and culture and strong ethnic customs, it constitutes a unique frontier scenery.
The last eye of the Atlantic -- lake selim
Selimu lake is a natural ecological landscape with lakes, wetlands, grasslands, forests and snow mountains as its main features. It is the highest mountain lake in xinjiang with the largest elevation, area and beautiful scenery.
China's top ten autumn scenery - altay kanas
Kanas is "one of the five most beautiful lakes in China", "one of the six most beautiful ancient towns and villages in China", "the top of the ten autumn landscapes in China" and "the creation base of China photographers association".One of China's deep lakes.The main attractions are kanas lake, wolong bay, taigarin corridor and so on.
Selimu is a kazakh word meaning "wish" and commonly known as "santai haizi".The lake is located in the city of bole at an altitude of 2073m.
Sayram lake is a lake of cold water to wash your hands in the lake (summer) will feel cold some bitter, calm blue lake, the lake around a silence, can only be heard across the prairie and the slopes of the wind and the occasional from cattle and sheep, the lake of grassland is good summer pasture,
Beautiful scenery of xinjiang -- colorful beach
Under the golden rays of the setting sun, the colorful yadan lava landscape and the blue ribbon like the erqisi river are like a beautiful oil painting.
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