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The secret raindrop, a dastard, and a damsel in distress


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Woke up at dawn and wrote this one down before it escaped me...

Image by axonite from Pixabay

A secret raindrop hiding in the rain with the eyes of a seer was looking on at the night’s doings and was most interested in them…

Not that far away in the great scheme of things and certainly no further than the teapot’s gin soaked rattle across the street, a duck and dive Inn with the characteristics of a bar for the unlucky was belching steam and inebriants out into the dark night and wet rain like a steam punk machine in the throes of its business and well oiled to boot; it was the end of the night and kicking out time for its clients.

Across the road in the deeper darkness where the rain was pouring twice as hard and a streetlamp was leaning the other way was Moriarty the bad-bone, or Morbad the night watch to his mates who were a cranky lot at the best of times but a tough bunch of lads in a tight squeeze.


He was squashed up against an invisible shadow in the obscurity of a doom that had seen better days but was now his hiding place in the dark wet night.

Staring out from his dark hiding place of the doomed doorway, Morbad searchedly watched the denizens of the Inn as they spilled out onto the street and each turning up their collars or raising small parasols against the downpour and making their grumbling way home.

Finally, when the last of them had exited onto the street the doors of the Inn were closed tight and the lights were turned off and within moments the street was empty and only the sound of the rain could be heard beating down and gurgling into the overfull drains.

Image by Katarzyna Tyl from Pixabay

Suddenly, a half strangled scream came from out of the darkness of a drunken side lane further up the street which caught the attention of Morbad so that he took off from his hiding place and ran full pelt towards it.

Entering the side lane he pounded down it and pulled out his night watcher’s truncheon and was ready to use it.

Image by Michael Gaida from Pixabay

It was hard to see in the dark of the lane in the pouring rain, but further up it he could make out a struggle happening and so letting out a huge cry he shouted: OI!

As Morbad drew near he heard the lady of the night who was being set upon by someone who towered over her cry out: desist you dastard and leave me be or I will be forced to call out the night watch on you.

Call out the night watch on me will you said the man, and raising his arm high he brought it down on her and almost knocked her out with the strength of it.

Oww, now look what you’ve done she said as her parasol fell to the ground and became crumpled and useless and carried off in the rushing waters that were building up because of climate change.

The man growled, and pulling a knife from his pocket he advanced further upon her with an evil intention to his actions and his peg leg creaking all the way.

Morbad, arriving just in time, pulled out his whistle and blew upon it most furiously to summon his trusty men and give advance notice that help was at hand to the lady of the night who looked up and called out: help!

I will help you called out Morbad and raised his truncheon to beat it upon the man who was even now still trying to set himself on the woman before him.

Suddenly, from out of the darkness of the night came Morbad’s lads who all to a man jumped upon the dastard and brought him down and trussed him up to be carted away, leaving the knife lying in the rain.

Image by kalhh from Pixabay

Ah ha said Morbad to his lads and looking to see who it was they were restraining, what have we here?

It looks like peg leg the dastard sir, said one of the men lifting up the peg leg of the dastard beneath them.

A good night’s work men, well done said Morbad to his men. And then turning to the lady of the night he said: are you all right asked Morbad of the lady of the night who was coming to herself and looking about to see if anything else was going to come at her.

I’m alright she said and watched as the dastardly man was loaded into the back of a cage that took him away, hopefully never to be seen again.

Well, if you’re all right then I’ll leave you to it and get back to my watch said Morbad fading into the shadows of the night.

As the lady of the night went home to her bed the secret raindrop turned about and followed Morbad to see if anything else would happen this night with the rain pouring down in the streets full of darkness.

Image by b0red from Pixabay

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