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I was thinking that with the mind of an idiot one could go far, but how much further would a mastermind go, and would anyone notice...

Image by Elias Sch. from Pixabay

With all the money spent and the shark’s fin soup still in the window the mastermind took a 7.30 sharp seat on a bus going out of town and planned his next mistake.

Unlike a master guru, masterminds have a lot to teach, you can learn from them; they plan out their itinerary to the last detail with contingency clauses for all sorts of things that can happen unexpected like from out of the blue; like if everything goes south from the start and it’s never going to work out then there’s always the bus to get away to plan for another day.

But not all masterminds are lucky, and some are born to suffer for their exception, and not all are geniuses, some are just plain stupid; but a mastermind is a mastermind regardless and are usually put into the category of ‘outsiders’ and are more often than not considered as ‘not of us,’ and ‘strange.’

Not all masterminds wake up at the same time, and some never sleep, but you can rest assured that when they are awake they’re using their big brains to squeeze out every drop of all the ideas that come to them from deep down somewhere where it’s too dark to see.

The ones with lots of money can get away with things mere mortals haven’t a hope in hell of pulling off and are usually criminal types that work in government. These ones hire conscientious workers to teach them how to behave and appear normal to the masses and for the most part get away with it, but if you look at them long enough you will notice them drooling out the mouth and repeating themselves over and over if they don’t have a story board to read from.

Image by Vitabello from Pixabay

The criminal masterminds are the honest ones for they don’t pretend to be anything else and can be relied upon to come up with a master plan at a moment’s notice, and when things do go wrong it is always the idiot wannabee mastermind in the back seat who gets the blame.

True masterminds wear dark clothes and live in the shadows and send others out to do their bidding. These ones are rarely seen or caught and are mostly happy to see their plans carried out to fruition from a distance and rarely take praise but let someone else have it, to take the blame and fall if it ever happens which is extremely rare.

Yes, there are all types of mastermind in this world, good and bad, right and wrong, those that win and those that keep on failing and end up on a lonely bus going nowhere.

Image by naeim a from Pixabay

Deep down in the pit where ideas come from, a prisoner mastermind was shovelling non-stop all the ideas that were coming from the idea machine that never stopped or took a day off.

By now the prisoner was so tired he was on his last legs and was almost on the verge of giving up and saying: “That’s it, enough is enough.”

When a huge idea came that needed a superhuman effort to move it he gave up and wrote a letter of resignation and posted it to the heaven’s and then walked away into the sunset of all he was and didn’t look back once.

The idea machine kept making ideas that piled up on the floor into a heap in the darkness.

On the bus, the mastermind suddenly found he’d lost all his powers and was now a mere mortal and subject to all the laws mortals were afflicted and blessed with and that’s when his luck changed and in no time at all he was too busy spending his new found wealth to do anything else but smile.

Although bread and butter was no holds barred for a broom cupboard and easy on the side there was a rival for its affections going by the name of dispatches under the table where no was not an option. So when the mastermind of the day turned up for breakfast there were hurried whispers to the tune of a pretty penny, or how’s your father in English, and of course no one was any the wiser for it even when it was pointed out that the wishing well had a hole in it. Even so, it was written into the big book for posterity so that at least feeling left out of things could not be complained about too much.

Image by cocoparisienne from Pixabay

After breakfast of coffee and sitting in the dark for too long the mastermind went off to his daily ablutions and left the whispers to their benedictions, but a backward glance out of the side of the eye did produce a titter that ran off into a back room to hide.

When a side panel opened in the front of the stage to let the cat out the audience cheered and clapped, asking for an encore but when nothing more was forthcoming and the panel remained closed, the audience went home to bed and picked up a bag of chips from the fish and chip shop along the way.

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