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Invisible mornings


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Artwork is all my own...



Dad’s acting weird tonight.
No he’s not; that’s usual for him.
I’m going to become a hippy and travel to far distant lands looking for love and peace and stuff.
Supposing you found it; what would you do then?
I’d come back home to tell you all about it.
Would you dear? That’s nice. And why would you want to do that?
To make you happy of course; why else would I want to do it?
And supposing I was not happy about it?
Well then, I’d buy you a bunch of roses to brighten up your day.
Do you remember a while back that I told you to hang on tight because we were going around and around? Well, we’re going faster now, so clutch ever harder to your position in this household if you want to survive.
Mum; now your acting weird.
Me and your father are old now and we are entitled to our little bit of freedom.
And what must I do while you are hanging on to that?
Oh, son, will you not come home soon; you’ve been out all night and you’ve ruined your raincoat?
I’ll be home when I am ready to come home.
Milking begins at 4 am, you’ve got until then.


I’ve got a tale for you.
We’ve all got tales.
Well that’s right, go slam the door in my face, see if I’m here.
That’s kind of cracked.
We are receiving transmitters and I have a message for you.
Lay it on me.
A one eyed grasshopper with the face of an old lady drinking gin was winking at me to go left, but I felt I really should go right; but now I don’t know what I should do.
Why don’t you just go to the party, you never know who you’ll be when you get there.
What party would that be then?
The one that’s waiting for you to arrive of course
Easy over eight there on the oars said contestant treble X calling from the shadows of the cracks in the ubiquitous ease.
That will be one and six for the top deck then said the lesson to be learnt.
Sounds about right said the conductor coming down the stairs.
But what if I’ve got a criminal record?
Do you have a crown?
Then you can pass for the paltry sum of what it costs.
And what would that be?
Oh, if only I could find my way back to the beginning said the man who said this: alright, I am only going to say this once.
You’ve kind of convinced me said old lady joy next door listening in to the wall’s talk.
And now I want to say something
You know I say that I am going to bed soon, quite often?
Yes, that has been noticed.
Well, maybe tonight I just may.
I do feel that we are progressing, maybe on to the next level.
This seems to be so easy for you
Can I offer up a suggestion here?
Sure you can.
Well, maybe this is all just a story, and nothing is real.
Then what have you got to be worried about?
I am not worried.
That worries me.
What can I say?
Not a lot I guess.
And everything’s alright?
Sure it is
Ah, man I tell you, I think we’re in the wrong place without a beer.
Amen to that.

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