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Not everyone can see beauty, some see dollar signs everywhere they go; and perhaps these ones really have lost their soul; for beauty is inbuilt, and once touched can be perceived everywhere... as within so without...


The illusion is thick and pervades to every corner and you can chop it with any belief you like but it will close in behind and no difference will be made.

It has been said that all that is perceived by the senses is not real, as has been said by Buddha long ago, and recently quantum physics has found this to be so, that all is energy and in constant change and yet somehow everything has a connection to everything else and is somehow directed by an invisible force as has been shown in the double slit experiment where light is seen as both particle and wave-like states that change when observed.

So, if nothing perceived is real and all is in constant motion of change where does that leave us in this ocean of illusion, and is there anything beyond the illusion?


Time also is a construct made to measure in the illusion and is used to set our brief lives by into a constraint of the illusion and in this way, time and space can be seen as a reality that has form and so can be quantified and life as a clockwork dream can be pursued, where the dust is raised as object of desire and that which is termed the most valuable is then worshipped as the deity above all else, as can be seen with gold and money and those who chase such.


In the mist of this illusion, forms take shape that have a propensity to self govern and to be for a while and so cause and effect comes into play to govern as law that which is made right down to the smallest quantifiable particle for the chaos to have pattern and rule rather than everything to be in complete anarchy.

So something is in charge and it is formulated that this something can be influenced by our minds as in ask and believe where something appears soon after thinking of it, which is a real phenomena that anyone can do for themselves and be aware of the results.


With our minds we have great power and often little responsibility in using this power which is where the law of karma comes in to repay in kind.

But, because the universe is mostly neutral and doesn’t seem to take sides so that good or bad is not an issue to it then evil ones can come to great power and do much harm, most especially when most everyone is swimming in the illusion and have little or no clue their choice can be more than the best of two evils, or that any shiny gewgaw offered that evokes a response is but a distraction from knowing that within them the greatest gift has been given and that the illusion can be risen above and seen for what it is; if only the illusion would be quiet for a moment and give a chance to something calling from within.


But it seems we are all so easily distracted by the next thing to come along and grab our attention to keep us occupied in the Maya that is so thick and pervasive it traps us and doesn’t want to let us go because it will lose its power over us and become no more than dust in the wind of our thoughts.

One effective cure for the illusion might be to become enlightened, not in or from the illusion but in our own self where our true power comes from and though one might feel this to be only a preserve of the saints it is a truth everyone can know because it is really what we are and it is only a question of going home and acknowledging what has always been there in our heart of hearts that the illusion hides from us with its noise.

The dowry of inner beauty comes with an understanding that is more than the words that can be used to describe it.


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