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PayPal Punnishes Trunews Over Epstein Reporting


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In a distopian, yet not surprising move PayPal have cancelled trunews account, cutting off one their main ways to receive donations to the ministry....

Trunews have been on the forefront in the Epstein Scandal and have not held back on getting the truth out, youtube have banned their channel many times and this latest move by PayPal just shows this Christian News company are on the right track and getting under the skin of some people in high places..

On Jan 2, Trunews aired their latest podcast “Ghislaine Maxwell: Which spy agency is hiding her?”

I think most people with half a brain know which spy agency they revealed was most likely hiding her, any how on Jan 3 PayPal severed the account of Trunews rendering them no longer able to receive funding from listeners.

It doesn't stop there, host Rick Wiles's daughters ministry, Bless an Orphan , which Rick has no legal ties to at all, also had their PayPal account cancelled, Bless an Orphan ministry focuses on saving children from ending up in child trafficking just like the ones who were tragically abused through Epstiens operation..

Added below is an excerpt from a email sent out from Rick to his listeners

"The success of Jeffrey Epstein’s blackmail operation explains how Israel secretly seized control of America. Tens of thousands of influential American men – politicians, generals, governors, celebrities, entertainers, news editors, scientists – were lured to Epstein’s Mossad-owned mansions to have sex with teen girls who were recruited by Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of Israeli spy Robert Maxwell (a.k.a. Ján Ludvík Hyman Binyamin Hoch). Consequently, thousands of American soldiers have died and tens of thousands maimed fighting endless wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and other countries on behalf of Israel. Furthermore, America’s public debt increased by trillions of dollars financing these wars for Israel.

For the first time since the American Revolution, the right of free speech is being denied to Americans who criticize Israel’s deep penetration of Washington, the news media, Hollywood, and Evangelical churches. Slyly, the Israelis are using “anti-Semitism” as the cover to silence anybody who speaks out against them. That’s why the U.S. State Department is now saying that criticism of Israel is anti-Semitism.​

PayPal is not the only financial services company to punish Trunews. Bloomerang – our donor management software supplier – also abruptly cancelled our contract. Bloomerang’s CEO admitted in a conference call that his company was pressured by Spreedly – a company that “tokenizes” online transactions to be processed by credit card gateways - to immediately sever Bloomerang’s relationship with Trunews.
Spreedly invoked a clause in its contract with Bloomerang that said it could compel Bloomerang to stop doing business with any third party that is objectionable to Spreedly.

Do you see how this Mafia-like intimidation is working to silence free speech in America? They are furious that I continue to talk about Jeffrey Epstein’s blackmail operation. There is a day coming when the greedy Money Changers will close your personal bank account, cancel your credit cards, and call your mortgage due because they do not like what your political views, where you attend church, and your support of America’s Second Amendment to keep and bear arms. I promise you: Its coming! It should not happen in the USA, but America was taken over through the Jeffrey Epstein child-sex blackmail operation run by Israel. We are now seeing the implications for all of us as free speech rights are denied to law-abiding Americans."

Whether you are a Christian or not I suggest you listen to these guys and support them anyway you can, they dont hold back and always just seek to report the truth on all current issues...

I will now be moving away from PayPal, even if it means a little inconvenience on my behalf

Check out their latest episode for an indepth view of what is going on

Kosher Cover-Up: U.S. Ruling Class Hides Epstein Child Sex Blackmail Operation

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