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Dating and my journey so far

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Well yes its dating now, like 2 normal people. Wow what an awesome day yesterday. Spoiled with a huge bottle of rosè wine, we talked for hours. Then we got onto the subject of weight, and being slightly inebriated, I lead him to my bedroom where my scale is and weighed each. We're about 2kg different in weight. And leaving the room we kissed and then we kissed some more and it was back into the bedroom. Needless to say that ice was broken. We drank some more, then went to get takeaways and ate first, then decided to watch a movie, and half way through that....well you can guess. But in between lying with my head on his lap, him holding me, was just so......different than anything I'm used to. I've never felt happier, and it was so sweet listening to him fall asleep, arm still protectively around me. I told let's go sleep but he wanted to watch the end of the movie. So we watched the end of Alita Battle Angel, and got ready for bed. I did take my sleeping pills but sleeping with someone who's either holding your hand in his sleep or has his arm wrapped around you, was quite an adjustment for me. In the end neither of us slept too well but we were both content and happy.

He had to go help a guy fix his car, then do washing and cleaning at home. He said he was going to come over, but I think the tiredness overtook him.

We hopefully now have an unbreakable bond. He's even fine with all my dogs. He loves making me laugh and joking around. And I miss him now that he's not here. I hope I still see him tonight ❤❤

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