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Ice skating in Phnom Penh - Cambodia


last yearBusy2 min read

Today I was thinking about my last trip to Phnom Penh and I decided to tell you guys the best bit about it... I went ice skating. It was soo fun!!!!!

In this pic my dad @philippekiene in the back but mum @mumma-monza cut off his head. I think he wanted to be in the photo I don't know?? But he's funny. My brothers and sisters are Noah the one with the black helmet, Layla the one with the green helmet and Scarlet the one with kissy lips and last and not least my big brother Kurt. I'm the one with the blue helmet. My mum is taking the photo so she is not in it. <3 I just love ice skating.


I could jump and lift one leg. Twirl to stop and i could go fast!! I did not like it, I loved every second. My big brother did not get up after he fell for ages. I dont know why, maybe because it was cold and here in Siem Reap is really hot and cool only in the morning and he liked the cold on his body.

Layla and me wont stop talking to mum and dad trying to get them back out to skate with us again.


We had a really good day and I cannot wait to go there again. If you visit visit Cambodia you shoulf go there to cool down.


Have you gone ice-skating before?

Lots of love


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