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Mene Unboxing - I won GOLD!


6 months agoSteemit2 min read

Hey Steemians!

Here's another much awaited unboxing for you!
This time I actually won it!
I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that I had won a Pure 24K Gold Mene piece (watch to see what it is!) and I was super excited to do an unboxing video!

It took over a week after I received it to film it due to the weather conditions here.
I really like having the sun (and ideally sunset) in my footage..

Hopefully I can do more of this in Summer ;)

I really love wearing it daily!!
It's awesome and classic piece! :D

Thanks for watching!!

For anyone who doesn’t know what menē is, they sell pure 24K GOLD investment jewellery that is known for their transparent price that fluctuate according to the current spot gold price.

Gold is a secure and solid investment as you can keep it for generations to come and the prices are pretty stable!
Asians have done this for centuries!

I am currently on a harvest plan awaiting my first Menē Ring so exciting!
A harvest plan means you pay a smaller amount per month up to a period of 9 months so that you don’t have to empty your wallet all at once! There are no interest fees and you get to secure the spot gold price at that time!

If you too would like to invest in some gold jewellery sign up with my referral link to get $5 credit!

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