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I saw Saw ET and IT - Now did I see enough?


7 months ago4 min read


Just like was the case with Saw, I saw enough pretty soon. Not sure why I even watched part 2 ( in cinema ) and sat through part 3 on DVD, in the living room of my student dorm, back in the days. It was pretty clear that I had seen enough after Saw. Why did I even get to see Saw 2 and 3. I much rather sit on a see saw than seeing saw, let alone more sawing and watching.

Just a thought that entered my mind while writing this:

Is watching the entire series in a row called a chainsaw?

I kind of enjoyed IT/ it, when I finally got to see it / IT in the mid to late 90s, but it was possible more the mystery around IT / it ( the rumors I'd heard about it / IT ) and the book that I had read by Stephen King, than the actual film itself.

Also, I had to wait so long to be finally able to watch that movie. I remember it / IT being on TV, one night, when I was staying over at the house of my then best friend ( also named Vincent ). I was very much into horror, at the time, and old enough to watch this. This friend was two and a half years younger and had a mom who was very strict. She didn't allow us to watch that film. Also, back then in the mid 90s, watching movies on TV or VHS was the only option available. Long story short, we didn't watch it / IT that night. I don't remember ever watching IT with this friend at all.

A year or two later, my twin sister and I, attended a birthday party of a high school class mate. The idea was to eat a lot of unhealthy stuff and watch a scary movie. The birthday girl had ordered her mother to go to a video store and rent IT. That afternoon, all of us ( we must have been 16 or 17 ) watched E.T. instead. Apparently, that girls mom had asked for IT. The person working at the rental place had replied that she didn't have IT but she had ET ( pronounce as AT ) and the mom decided to rent that one instead. Hahaha!

It's very possible that - by that time - I had already seen IT but a lot of people hadn't. I don't remember much of this experience though. I believe I watched it on TV, being home alone night. It was lengthy and - at times - creepy.

Now, almost thirty years after the original TV movie of IT, there's a movie called IT, as well as IT 2. Then there's IT Follows but that one doesn't follow IT and is actually pretty decent.

Random thought:

Should you have high expectations from a follow up to a remake from an adaptation of a classic horror novel?

Okay, let's stop beating around the bush. I never got to watch IT nor IT 2, the recent reboots of this 1986 story. I might, one day. Nevertheless, I thought it was fun to take part in this contest called Review a Horror Movie - Badly by @modernzorker Besides, I hadn't written about movies for ages, so it was about time.

P.S.My favorite scary clown(s) movie - not kidding here - is still Killer Clowns From Outer Space. If you're into 1980s stuff and horror comedies, go watch that movie instead of IT ( 2 ). It's highly entertaining.

Here's the trailer:



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