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Why STEEM Hunt is The Best Place To Post For A 15 SP Account & Here Are Some Tips To Rank Higher and Get $5+ USD in Upvotes Per Day


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If anybody ask me directions for the best place on STEEM Blockchain for an account with only 15 SP, I would point them to @steemhunt and in this post I'm going to explain why. In case you are a larger account, just put yourself in the shoes of a someone who just got a free account. You can only make a post and a few comments a day. We are talking about someone who is starting from nothing with no previous social media following from YouTube, Instagram etc.

1 Day - 1 Post - 2 Comments - $5 in Bear Market Prices

This is all you need to invest into @steemhunt under best conditions and let's not forget that STEEM prices have fallen about 22 times from the previous high. Today's $5 could easily be $100+ USD before the end of 2019 and this could be huge especially in a developing country.


It is the power of incentives and building of a great eco-system. @steemhunt has over 1.7 million SP delegated and each day Top 100 Hunts and Top 100 comments are upvoted. All you need to do is reach this Top 100 and you can gain about $3.50per post and $0.75 per comment. Only 1 post and 2 comments are upvoted per day.

Tips on Getting to The Top

Following these tips won't guarantee you a top position. But if you check out my feed you'll see that I tend to get at least 5 @steemhunt votes on my posts every week. There are few things you can do to make sure you get a good amount of votes.

  • Post something that solve a real problem or get people's attention. If something on the internet got your attention, then it might get the attention of someone else too.
  • Focus on cool and innovative tech and apps/services that are weeks or even few days old.
  • Don't be lazy. Never be lazy! Add GIFs, videos, quotes and try to use at least 800 characters for your post. Make it long.
  • Format your posts well but don't do anything too wacky. Think of it as a one pager sales pitch.
  • Be thoughtful about the product description. Some people would upvote based on the description alone if it was interesting/cool/valuable enough.
  • Follow tech news, gadgets and crowdfunding projects closely.

When It Comes To Comments

  • Have some length. Make it two short paragraphs.
  • Add a personal story if you have one.
  • Add pros/cons and don't be afraid to speculate on potential use cases and provide constructive criticism.
  • Add images/videos if relevant.
  • Don't sound overenthusiastic or begging for a vote.

Try these steps over a week and see the results for yourselves. You'll see some random project with a product description as big as a Tweet reaching the Top 10. Few weeks ago I even saw Bitcoin as a Hunt. But over a long period of time quality always gets rewarded.

Bonus Tip: Post at the beginning of the day which is KST midnight (GMT + 9) to have a longer window to receive upvotes.

Vote Responsibly

In a decentralized system, all parties have to be responsible. The reason @steemhunt give larger vote weight for those who publish high ranking Hunts and have a larger stake of HUNT Tokens is because of the assumption that they know what good Hunts are and have the incentive to make the platform prosperous. Every time you vote think about the quality.

On @steemhunt there is a less emphasis on individual names which you won't even notice most of the time when voting for a Hunt because it's just on small letters at the bottom of the post. You have a higher chance of being judged based on the quality of your posts alone. So give it a try and you'll be a minnow in no time.

Happy Hunting!


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